We are a traditional master butchers, selecting and purchasing the whole carcass before carefully preparing our meat ready for the kitchen. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us for availability, as we can provide most cuts.

We have nurtured relationships over many years with the local meat industry and farms, and all of our meat is fully traceable and sourced from Yorkshire. If you would like details of the farm your meat came from please just ask us.

The roots of our expertise and business are grown from two generations of uncle and nephews. Butchery runs deep in the family.

Martin Wilkinson, our master butcher has many years of experience and knowledge. He works with great care to source only the best beast available considering welfare, traceability and tenderness, before using his developed traditional butchery skills to create exceptional meat cuts and meat products.

Trevor Plane, our original master butcher and uncle to Martin began trading over 50 years ago. His ethos to source the best quality available regardless of price is still true to us today. Our prices vary according to stock and season; we work hard to ensure the balance between quality and price, providing consistent reliable value.

Carol Plane, wife to Trevor and auntie to Martin, has been devoted to the business since the beginning. Carol takes care of our orders and administration. Carol has regularly worked behind the counter, especially at busy times of year and it is this experience that enables her to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes.

Richard Wright is our other full time butcher. He is Martin’s cousin and a nephew of Trevor and Carol. Besides Martin being able to pass on his knowledge they also make a great team, caring about the small details which set us apart from our competition.

Anette joined the Angus team back in 2021. Since then she rapidly has become a familiar face behind the counter greeting both our regular and new customers. Anette is always ready to help our customers with their orders while keeping things running smoothly on Market days.

As a multi-award winning business we are proud of our achievements. Accomplishments include winning multiple gold and silver awards at the National Meat Products Competition 2016, also winning the category with our own home cured streaky bacon. Please see our awards section for further details.

We consider ourselves to be very well known for excellent customer service. We get to know many of our customers personally and we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge. Please contact us if you would like recommendations on the best cuts to suit your taste, or for more information on our business.


Thank you.