Our lamb is largely sourced in Yorkshire. We choose best spring lamb when it is available and in season around Easter time. Spring lamb is very tender and has a more subtle milder flavour.

Mint, rosemary, thyme, garlic and lemon all complement the wonderfully rich meaty flavour of lamb. Lamb shoulders and legs are available on the bone or with the bone removed for a quicker cooking time and easier carving. In the summer season lamb joints can also be butterflied for barbecuing. We love to serve our lamb with pomegranate seeds for a little added sweetness and colour.


Shoulder of Lamb Joint

The Shoulder is a hardworking part of the animal with a wonderful fat to lean ratio. It can be diced or minced for recipes such as lamb curry or a hearty lamb casserole, however it is simply beautiful when patiently slow-roasted over a longer cooking time. This slow cooking will give a juicy texture and full flavour. Shoulders can vary in size depending on season with new season spring lamb giving smaller shoulders.

Leg Fillet of Lamb Joint

Leg fillet of lamb is the best end and is leaner than shoulder. Leg of lamb is wonderful roasted and carved. Try it served with Mint and Feta cheese and perhaps a few pomegranate seeds scattered over the carved slices for a colourful and fresh tasting plate.

Leg of Lamb Shank

A lamb shank makes an indulgent individual meal however a larger shank can be shared between two people. A rich flavour will develop when the meat is slow cooked allowing the meat to tenderise and flake off the bone easily when served.

Loin of Lamb

An eye of lean tender meat left whole rather than carved into chops. Ideal for roasting until pink.

Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb loin chops have a distinctive t-bone with an eye of lean tender meat. Prepared as a single chop on the bone. Ideal for roasting until pink.

Best End Lamb Chops

An eye of tender meat with a little more fat than a lamb loin chop which gives a richer depth of flavour. Prepared as a single chop on the bone. Ideal for roasting until pink.

Barnsley Chops

A double loin chop with a distinctive butterflied shape. Prepared on the bone to be roasted until pink.

Lamp Rump Steaks

A lean and tender lamb steak which can be grilled or fried.

Neck of Lamb

Neck of lamb is cut on the bone and the bone is best left in during cooking. Cooked very slowly, the bone will give maximum flavour to any sauce or broth and the tender meat will fall off the bone. Ideal for a stew or casserole, the bones can be removed after cooking just before serving.

Breast of Lamb

A fatty cut similar in appearance to belly pork but smaller and thinner in size. Cut into strip for display in our counter breast of lamb makes an inexpensive but flavour-rich meal.

Lamb Mince

A great alternative to beef when cooked in a traditional shepherd’s pie. We only use high quality lamb which is passed through our mincer twice for an even texture. Often not displayed in the shop counter, we instead freshly grind our lamb mince to order.

Minted Lamb Quarter Pound Burgers

Minced lamb prepared with a blend of ingredients to give a subtle mint flavour which complements rather than overpowers the sweet flavour of the lamb.

Lamb's Kidneys

We have a number of fresh kidneys available, trimmed and ready for cooking. Paler kidneys often have a milder flavour than darker kidneys.