We can call on over 50 years experience when selecting and preparing our beef.

Through visiting chosen farms we can be confident of excellent feeding and cattle welfare.

As we order a small number each time we are able to confidently choose and buy only the very best beast available. To enhance taste and tenderness we mature our beef on the bone for a minimum of three to six weeks, our butchers then prepare our beef cuts ready for your kitchen.

These things together ensure quality and a wonderful depth of flavour.


Fillet Steak

The fillet is the most tender cut of steak and is the most delicate in flavour as it has very little fat or marbling. It is a long tapered muscle which can be bought whole or as steaks. The fatter end of the tapered piece makes an extravagant roast for a special occasion. The centre cut we often slice into evenly sized steaks and the tapered tail end of the fillet can be used for a smaller individual meal. A popular recipe for fillet steak is Beef Wellington. For best results steak should rest after cooking just before serving. Fillet steak is pictured above on the right.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin is cut from the back of the loin. Sirloin is less marbled with fat than Ribeye and is the better choice for those who like a lean cut. The strip of fat along the edge of the steak helps to keep the steak moist when cooking and adds flavour. All of our beef is hung and aged for tenderness and flavour. For best results steak should rest after cooking just before serving. Our sirloin steak is positioned in the middle of the picture above.

T-Bone Steak

T-Bone steak is named after the 'T' shaped bone separating the Fillet from the Sirloin steak on either side. For best results steak should rest after cooking just before serving. This would be Trevor Plane’s choice, it’s a hearty butcher’s meal. For our family, enjoying a T-Bone steak on Christmas Eve was a tradition for many years.

Ribeye Steak

Similar in appearance to a Sirloin steak but with a higher amount of marbling and fat this steak has the most flavour but is a little less delicate in texture. This steak would be Carol Plane’s choice every time. The higher marbling of this cut keeps the steak very moist when cooking. For best results steak should rest after cooking just before serving. Our Ribeye steak is on the left in the picture above.

Rump Steak

A classic cut from the hindquarter. Our Rump steaks are large and can be freshly cut in our shop to your desired thickness.

Topside Roasting Joint

A lean joint of beef with minimal marbling. Makes excellent leftovers and sandwiches the following day.

Silverside Roasting Joint

Silverside is from the lower part of the back of the beast. It is trimmed and sold as a piece or rolled into a joint tied with string.

Salmon Cut Roasting Joint

This cut comes from the silverside and is a little special. This is a boneless cut and perfect for roasting.

Rump Roasting Joint

Rump is lean and full of flavour

Brisket Roasting Joint (Boneless)

Brisket is trimmed and rolled into a joint for slow-cooking. This is a perfect cut for pot-roast, slow roast or to make pulled Brisket. The texture is tender, juicy and it will flake into pieces when cooked.

Flat Rib Roasting Joint

Slowly roast for a beautiful flavour and texture.

Rolled Blade-bone Joint (Boneless)

Suitable as a pot roast.


There is so much flavour in Ox-tail. These older-fashioned cuts are becoming very popular again. Really good value for so much flavour. Use pieces of Ox-tail in a casserole as it requires slow-cooking. The tender meat will fall away from the bone which will make a rich thick sauce from it’s marrow and gelatin.


From the lower part of the leg this makes a wonderful casserole. It should be cooked very slowly.

Beast Heart

This is a very lean piece of meat with a unique flavour. The heart is the hardest working muscle so it will need to be cooked for a long time to get a tender result.

Minced Beef

Taking lean shoulder steak and roasting cuts from the forequarter we use only high quality meat to produce our lean minced beef. We pass the meat through our mincer twice for a fine even texture before displaying in the counter.

Chuck Braising Steak

We cut our chuck braising steak into slices for display in the window of our shop. If you prefer smaller evenly sized pieces we can dice this for you however we think it is wonderful left in larger chunky pieces. In a casserole dish it will naturally break apart while cooking.

The chuck is the muscle which sits over the shoulder of the beast. It is a hard working muscle therefore it requires slower cooking to achieve an incredible texture. We think it's just that little bit more special to cook with than regular stewing beef. Use for any braising recipe or slow cooked curry where the flavours and spices can develop together over a longer cooking time.

Stewing Steak

Our stewing steak is lean with evenly sized pieces for easy cooking. Extremely versatile and used for many recipes.

Calves Liver

Calves Liver has a lovely offal flavour and great texture. Should be cooked quickly to preserve tenderness.

Beast Cheek

A braising cut which is harder to find unless from a traditional butcher. We have spotted this gaining popularity on restaurant menus over recent years, especially in London. Extremely tender and with a gelatinous, juicy texture. Rich in flavour making smaller portions very satisfying. This cut should always be cooked very slowly to allow the meat to tenderise and maximum flavour to develop.

Beef Burgers

Our 115g  beef burgers are made from our usual highest quality lean minced beef.

Award Winning Angus Burgers

The 170g Angus steak burger is unique. We named them Angus because the recipe is our own creation and we are very pleased with the result. We add a hint of honey and tomato to achieve a slightly sweeter flavour. These burgers are silver award winners. Please visit our awards page for more details.