We offer a wide selection of good quality fresh poultry all year round including free-range chickens.

We are able to offer seasonal birds such as Ducks, Geese, Capons and Turkeys from our preferred farms and suppliers. During recent festive periods we have chosen Norfolk Bronze and Norfolk Black Turkeys for our customers.

We prefer to take orders in advance for seasonal birds so that we can guarantee quality stock from our chosen farms. This also ensures that we do not have any wonderful birds going to waste after the festive period.


Whole Chicken

Our fresh chickens make a perfect roast. We like to season the inside of the bird, often adding aromatic herbs and a lemon in the cavity before cooking. Many recipes will call to roast the chicken breast-side down for at least half of the roasting time so that the juices run into the breast keeping it moist.

Chicken Breast

Very lean quick and simple to cook, these are always popular. Available with the skin left on which will crisp up when cooking, or skinless for a lower-fat healthier option. Our chicken breasts are a good size and make a generous meal.

Chicken Supreme

Our chicken supremes are cut from the whole bird leaving a breast with the wing attached and a covering of chicken skin.


The darker meat of a chicken leg has a stronger flavour and a flakier texture. This portion of the chicken is more moist than the breast and is also lower in price. Wonderful in curry dishes, casseroles or simply tray baked.


We cut the wings from our whole fresh birds. The skin is left on for flavour and to keep the meat moist while cooking. The meat can be pulled off the bone after cooking. Often marinated and baked chicken wings are excellent on a barbecue.

Chicken Liver

Perfect for making pâté. Chicken Livers have a rich tasting, silky texture when cooked. 

Norfolk Bronze & Black Turkeys

We often choose these Turkeys when available as they are slow-grown to produce birds with great proportions and meat texture.