We only sell British pork from local farms. From this we produce our range of dry-cured bacon and award winning sausages. We score the fat of our pork to produce a wonderful crispy crackling when cooked.



Pork Chops

An eye of lean meat with a thick rim of fat. Prepared as a single chop on the bone.

Shoulder Spare-Rib Chops

A good mix of lean meat and fat. Slow cook in the oven for a soft and tender result or grill if you want to spend less time in the kitchen.

Pork Loin Steaks

A lean lower fat option which is tender and delicate in flavour. Due to the little fat in this cut it is better to cook quickly so that they don’t become dry.

Pork Steaks

Taken from the rump of the pig. A lean and flavoursome cut which is smaller in size than a beef steak but a great alternative.


Pork Tenderloin is comparable to Fillet steak. Taken from the same muscle it is a very tender, special cut of meat which is delicate in texture. Very lean with no surrounding fat, long and tapered in shape it can be bought whole or sliced into tenderloin steaks. We find recipes often use orange as a complementary ingredient which works really well.

Belly Pork Slices

Prepared in slices this cut belly pork can be roasted in the oven or grilled if you prefer. Belly pork is rich in flavour but very reasonable in cost. A favourite for us and many of our customers.

Belly Pork Joint

An unsliced joint of belly pork makes a wonderful slow roast with a layer of crackling and tender meat rich in fat and flavour beneath. Popularity for this cut has grown enormously over recent years and there are many recipes to be found. For crispy crackling every time, keep wet ingredients away from the layer of skin while roasting.

Loin of Pork Joint

A lean joint of pork available either boneless or on the bone with a good layer of fat and skin which is scored for excellent crackling. A boneless joint will take less time to cook.

Leg of Pork Joint

This traditional joint available either boneless or on the bone, makes an excellent pot roast or a simple roasting joint. Skin will be scored ready to make wonderful crackling in the oven. A boneless joint will take less time to cook than a leg joint on the bone.

Shoulder of Pork Joint

Fat runs through the shoulder cuts making a succulent juicy meat. Excellent slow-roasted or used to make pulled-pork dishes. A versatile joint which can be cooked whole or diced for curry or casserole recipes. Much of the fat will melt away into the meat and pan during cooking giving a wonderful texture and rich taste. Available either boneless or on the bone.

Blade of Pork

A shoulder cut which is left on the blade bone. Tender and Juicy like the other shoulder cuts and will make a good amount of crackling when roasted.


The hock comes from just above the pig’s foot. Wonderful slowly braised or roasted to make a large meal for one, or enough for two people to share as part of a meal.

Pig's Feet

We do have a small number of pigs feet available for purchase. Although not hugely popular at the dinner table they are often considered a delicacy.

Pig's Liver

We have pig’s liver available in the shop. Pig's liver is stronger in flavour than calves liver.

Pig's Kidney

We have fresh kidneys available after butchering our pigs. These are cleaned and trimmed. As we only have a small number available you might not spot them in the window but please ask if you would like to purchase any and we can keep them aside for you if available.